Norton Coupon Codes and 6 Things To Do When Buy a New Computer.

6 Things to Consider When Buying a New Computer

Buying a new computer is a big decision for most consumers that aren’t tech-savvy. For example, there are many computer brands and price points to consider. Also, consumers have to think about the primary use of their PC. When doing research on a new purchase, it’s helpful to consult a guide of the top-rated devices. In short, there are five main things to consider when buying a new computer.

norton coupon code 2018First Thing: Norton Coupons or No Norton Coupons.

Some new computers will come with a free trial for anti-virus products like Norton. They will sometimes also include a discounted price (check this out) to save money if you decide to continue past the trial period. If your new computer does have these Norton coupons included, then you can save hundreds of dollars per year. This is one very important consideration in choosing a new computer.

Set Your Budget:

When buying a new computer, one thing you should do is decide how much money you want to spend. You can buy a refurbished PC for just a few hundred dollars, while a new one will cost more.  A few brands (like Dell) have high-end computers that cost over $1,000. Also, you need to budget money for security software that will protect your PC from viruses and malware. If you need office software, you will have to budget that as well.

What You Will Use It For:

After you decide on a budget for your new computer, you need to think about its primary purpose. For example, if you are a serious gamer, you will need to buy a high-end PC that is fast and has the best hardware. However, if you just need a PC for basic personal use (e.g., creating documents, using the internet/email, and light gaming) you won’t need the most advanced model. Instead, you will be fine with a less expensive computer model with lower tech specs.

Compare Brands

After you decide on the primary purpose of your PC, you need to research different brands. If you have had a good experience with a certain brand, then it might be best to stay brand loyal (as long as the brand hasn’t changed a lot). However, if you are unfamiliar with the different PC brands, you should do some online research. You can read consumer reviews on most e-commerce sites that sell computers. Also, you can find reviews on third-party consumer review sites and technology forums.

If you would like to look at your computer before buying it, you should visit a consumer electronics or big box retailer because they usually have a few models on display. Also, you will get to ask a (relatively) knowledgeable salesperson about different computer brands and models. However, if you are looking to save some money, you might consider buying your PC online because you might get a better deal from an e-commerce site.

Warranty or No Warranty

The last thing to consider when buying a new computer is whether to buy a warranty protection plan. Computer brands usually offer a warranty plan that will replace your computer if there is a defect. Also, major retailers often sell service repair plans that cover the cost of any repairs needed within the first few years of owning your computer. Before paying extra for a warranty or service plan, think about how long you will keep your PC. You should buy an extended warranty plan if you want to keep your computer longer than three years. However, if you plan on upgrading to a newer model with better technology in just a couple of years, save your money on the warranty.

In short, buying a new computer can seem overwhelming. However, with careful research and planning, you can find the right PC. Think about how much money you can afford to spend. Then think about your computer needs. After that, find the best computer model you can afford that will meet those needs. Read consumer reviews to make sure you are buying a good brand. Consider purchasing a warranty protection plan or service repair plan that will cover the cost of any repairs.

How Website Clutter Harms Your SEO

Loading speed is one of the biggest factors in visitor retention and conversion, yet many website owners slow their pages down by cramming them with extra elements for indexing purposes. It’s an understandable action: you want more content for the search engines to index, as well as more content for your readers to be engaged by. The more content, the more likely that something will grab their attention, right? Well, if your website is slow, the less of your audience will stick around. And, like a messy house, the content-filled website will likely turn your audience off from reading anything. So unless you have a lightning-fast hosting provider that gave you a godaddy coupon code for free, it’s much easier to organize the information on your website into a more user-friendly way.

By streamlining your page design, you can reap the benefits of faster loading times while still gaining the search optimization benefits you want. 



Multimedia content and SEO


It’s true that multimedia content can provide a boost to your site’s searchability. The algorithms used by Google and other search providers currently favor sites with rich multimedia content. Shareability and social media elements can also have a positive impact on your site’s search performance, as can the localization provided by elements such as map data. This kind of content also provides value for your visitors, giving them additional information and improving interactivity. It’s also the case that each element you include is another opportunity to add relevant metadata, potentially improving your site’s searchability still further. Surely, therefore, the more content you add, the better?


Website clutter and site loading 


Every additional piece of content that you add to your site slows down its loading speed. For text content and smaller images, this won’t make an appreciable difference to your visitors. Bigger files, such as audio and video content or large, high-definition images, can have a greater impact. Some scripts and plug-ins, such as those used to add interactivity or social sharing functionality, can slow your site down even more. If your site is slow to load — even by a fraction of a second — many visitors will simply leave the page and never return. This is especially true for a growing percentage of users who are browsing on mobile, and often need to consider the impact of any given website on their data usage. 


Bounce rate and SEO


As well as causing your visitors frustration and impairing your conversion rates, website clutter can harm your site ranking. If visitors are leaving your site without even looking at it properly, they’re not sharing your content or encouraging others to visit. In addition, search engines factor in bounce rates when they evaluate your site. All of this impacts your search engine optimization.


Finding a happy medium


It is possible to strike a happy medium between a rich, engaging website and the fast loading times your users need. The secret is to ensure that everything you add is carefully chosen to add value to your visitors, not just to search engine algorithms. Multimedia content, scripts and plug-ins need to be selected for efficiency as well as SEO appeal, and no page should be loaded down with more elements than are necessary. You should also ensure that your content facilitates your user experience instead of obstructing it. The big animated intro screens of Web 1.0 should be consigned to the dustbin of history, as should continuous animations that may distract or annoy your users. It’s far better to have a few high-quality content elements that add genuine value to your user experience than to weigh your site down with clutter.

How To Speed Up CPU

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When you use computers you would do well to know about the function of RAM or random access memory. The RAM is able to retrieve data from the hard disk drive so that the input may lead to some output. When you do not have enough RAM, the functioning of your computer will get affected as you will have to free up space every now and then. Similarly, when the computer is used for multitasking its operations could get slowed down to a large extent leading to major problems in continuing operations. If you use memory hungry programs and applications, it will make huge demands on your RAM and could also lead to shut downs, crashes as well as slower computer operations. This comes in the way of effective working because all the computer operations that your computer is expected to work on simultaneously are essentially dependent on the RAM.

If you want to speed up CPU, you will have to ensure that you know some important facts about RAM. For one, you should know that as far as operating systems go, Windows Vista or XP needs a lot of memory for effective functioning which is a fact that you should not ignore when looking out for computer or memory upgrades. You should also know that it is advisable for computer memory to be free to some extent because if this is not the case, there could be problems with computer speed and perhaps shut downs also. When you are in the midst of an interesting game or perhaps working on a spreadsheet, it would be quite harassing if the computer conked off due to inadequate RAM. This is why you should always be clear as to what your RAM requirements are and the means of address these requirements effectively. It is also worth noting that more than 25-30% of the RAM of your computer should always be free without which the computer could slow down to a large extent.

When you are considering the computer RAM you should know that gaming, as well as graphics, are very memory hungry. This is not the case with using word processors as well as just using the internet which is relatively easier and lighter operations. This is why if your work needs some operations that need heavy downloads you need to ensure that the RAM in your PC is based on the memory requirement. If you find that the RAM is less, you can easily go in for memory upgrades that are easily done in this day and age, RAM can also be obtained at easy rates as prices of RAM have gone down substantially in the recent past. All you need to do is assess your requirement and buy the RAM from the computer smart, be it online or offline.